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Wowyes Mr B2 full-intelligent Bluetooth induction masturbation cup

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Full-intelligent Bluetooth induction masturbation cup

This is a brand-new upgraded second-generation product, which can be used as the masturbation cup of audio. After connecting to Bluetooth, you can feel a variety of advanced gameplay, combining music with vibration, interacting with many beautiful women, playing beautiful women videos on the mobile phone screen, and bringing you a real experience from the masturbation cup speakers. Music vibrates passionately and interacts with each other, and the vibration increases or decreases with the ups and downs of music. Listening to music makes love and doing things feels great. Into the gentle at the same time, a strong sense of the ups and downs, impact pleasure peak. 10 frequency vibration mode simulates different women's vaginal contractions, and deep throat sucking experiences the true pleasure of beauty service. Made of skin-friendly materials, it is softer, more elastic and immersive than real skin.
This Bluetooth masturbation cup is equipped with a manual negative pressure function, which can squeeze and pump away the internal air manually, and produce the pinch and squirming pleasure of contraction and expansion. It is not only used for masturbation, but also suitable for exercising your penis. Small granulation particles on the inner wall restore the real vagina and satisfy the beautiful longing for the first night.Ups and downs fold up the impact friction of real meat balls to enjoy dreamy climax, while criss-crossing wave lines can enjoy two kinds of excitement with different contrasts at the same time. The ring-shaped folds like huge waves are closely linked to stimulate the penis to wrap up and feel the real experience at 360 degrees.

How to connect with iphone?

  1. Long press bluetooth button to open the bluethooth
  2. Open the bluetooth of phone and search the device
  3. Then match the HCD-1021 devicedolore magnaaliqua
  • Power +vibration button:long press the button to turn on/off the product.Then click the button to change the vibration modes.
  • Voice increase:click the "+" button to increase the voice,click the "-" button to decrease the voice
  • Bluetooth:long press the button to connect with iphone


Brand: wowyes
Material: ABS+TPE
Colors: red and black
Function: 10 frequency vibration, Bluetooth audio
Dimensions: 190*75mm
Weight: 600g
Charging time: 2 hours
Usage time: 120 minutes

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