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16" Black Cat Tail Silicone Plug

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Craving for some novelty in the bedroom? It’s virtually easy to quench that thirst with this 16â€?Black Cat Tail Silicone Plug and transform yourself into a ravishing, coquettish cat woman!

The distinctive design of the plug with three beads and ergonomic curves is specially intended for achieving the highest levels of arousal and erotic stimulation. Soft, tender silicon as the base material further enhances excitement, while the fuzzy gentleness of the fur tail will add that extra special ingredient to your kinky cosplay.

Lush, luxe, and fluffy, the tail will beautifully drape and hang over your thighs. Sway it with a booty shake to turn on your man. Look impeccably alluring with this tail, and surely, you’ll never run out of kinky ideas to intensify the foreplay. Move like a feline—oozing with confidence and sassiness—and your partner will be captivated head over heels. Ask him to brush it as part of your flirting ritual.

With every move, feel the fullness in your bum. Experience the power of double penetration that will surely make you see the stars. This pleasure is not only yours to feel but shared with your man. He’ll feel the pressure while he thrusts into your pussy and will definitely enjoy the unique sensations from the beaded plug on the other side of the wall.

To ensure that the tail provides you with lasting enjoyment, give it the proper care it needs. When you wash it, do not use warm or hot water to prevent the color from fading. Gentle hand washing is recommended. Hang to dry, then brush it to keep it fluffy.

The silicone plug should also be kept hygienic for safe use. Wash it in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry. The recommended lube is water-based. Keep it slippery and wet for easy insertion and extraction because friction ruins pleasure in anal play.

Ready to purr? Buy this 16�Black Cat Tail Silicone Plug for a much more thrilling and titillating sex play!

Color Black, (tail), purple (plug)
Type Tail Plug

Handle: Faux fur

Plug: Silicone



Tail: 16.54in

plug: 4.33in


Tail: 4.33 in

plug: 0.86in, 0.98in, 1.18in.

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