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14" 5 Colors Cat Tail Metal Plug

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Transform with a wide choice of colorful delights from our 14" 5 Colors Cat Tail Metal Plug!

Our 14" 5 Colors Cat Tail Metal Plug features a series of tail plugs with five colored variants - white, black, red, pink, and purple. With these array of choices, you can set the mood with the preferred color of your tail. The plug itself is tapered which allows easier insertion into your anus while the colors of these plugs will change you in a sexy way!

Not only is our 14" 5 Colors Cat Tail Metal Plug amusing, but it's also well-made. Its stainless steel material undergoes numerous procedures such as tests and verification to certify that you can use them safely. Its faux fur also adds to the experience by giving you the utmost comfort and sensational strokes that won't irritate your gentle skin. With nothing to worry about, you can enjoy as much as you want!

Once you've chosen your color from our 14" 5 Colors Cat Tail Metal Plug, plug it in and be ready for a magical transformation. But being too excited might make you forget applying lubricant on the plug and your anus. Please don't as this will ease the insertion of the plug. You can also prepare your hole by putting in 1 or 2 lubed fingers to stretch it out. Once you're ready, you can place the plug inside, and hold it for 2 to 3 hours when preparing for anal fuck. Within this time, you can play around like an alluring cat!

With the 14" 5 Colors Cat Tail Metal Plug inside you, you will have a fuller feeling. This will help stimulate you and spice up your anal experience with your partner. Once done with your frisky, naughty business, wash the plug using warm water and anti-bacterial soap to keep it clean. Once dried, keep it in a safe place until your next session!

Step into the wild side with your very own 14" 5 Colors Cat Tail Metal Plug!


Tail: White, Black, Red, Pink, Purple

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Stainless Steel

Length: 13.78 in. (tail)
Width: N/A

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