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14" White Cat Tail with Pink Silicone Plug

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Indulge in fulfilling your pet play fantasies with our 14" White Cat Tail with Pink Silicone Plug. This stunning silicone butt plug is aesthetically pleasing, magically transforming its user into one mythical feline. Spice up the foreplay and ride the waves of endless pleasure with our 14" White Cat Tail with Pink Silicone Plug.

Not everyone enjoys anal sex, but it is believed that men are wired to enjoy anal penetration more. The anus is tighter than the vagina. The region has a lot of nerve-endings and stimulating these nerve endings would cause intense pleasure. Women would also feel immeasurable satisfaction during anal intercourse because of the same reason. Anal sex is more satisfying because of the intensity and control. Indeed, anal intercourse is unconventional yet very intimate.

Explore the uncharted territories and discover a whole new way of achieving pleasure with our 14" White Cat Tail with Pink Silicone Plug. The pristine faux cat fur looks smashing with the pink silicone plug.

To start using the butt plug, apply some water-based lube because the anus does not self-lubricate. Also, do not forego awesome foreplay before sliding the plug inside. Start with a finger, then insert 2 until the anus is comfortable with the girth then put the silicone butt plug in. Do not force the penetration as it may tear the sensitive tissues inside and cause bleeding and pain. To remove the device, do deep breaths and gently bear down as you slowly pull it out.

Maintain proper hygiene by cleaning the silicone plug after use. Rinse the plug with warm water and germicidal soap. Always pat the device with a dry cloth as moisture harbors bacteria.

The anal region is a remarkable source of gratification. Get our 14" White Cat Tail with Pink Silicone Plug and see for yourself.

Color White (fur), Pink (plug)
Type Tail Plug

Plug: Silicone


Tail: 35 cm (13.78 in.)

Plug: about 7 cm ( 2.75 in.)


Handle: N/A

Plug: 2.7 cm ( 1.06 in.)

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