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17" Black Wolf Stainless Steel

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Howl in excitement and pleasure with our 17" Black Wolf Stainless Steel Plug!

Our 17" Black Wolf Stainless Steel Plug features a silver plug linked to a black wolf tail. The silver plug has a tapered bulb so that you can have an easier time inserting it. The wolf tail has a black color with white accents on the tip and base, making you an alpha anal beast in the bedroom. Overall, you will become a wild and beautiful creature!

It gets even better with our 17" Black Wolf Stainless Steel Plug since its made from only the best materials! The plug is made from stainless steel that went through numerous quality control procedures. This ensures that you're completely safe from harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, the tail is made from top-of-the-line synthetic fur to provide you with a completely realistic feeling. You can transform comfortably and safely!

You're in for a full-packed transformation with our 17" Black Wolf Stainless Steel Plug! To make the most of it, you can apply a good amount of lubricant so you can insert it easily and smoothly. You can also put in one or two fingers before insertion to stretch out your hole. Afterward, you can wear the tail plug and complete your sultry shift into a sexy wolf!

Wearing the 17" Black Wolf Stainless Steel Plug can give you a wilder time in the bedroom with your partner and prepare you for an amazing anal experience! Once you're finished, you can remove it easily by pulling the tail carefully. You can wash it with water and mild soap and leave it to dry. Until your next session, you can store in a safe place to maintain its luscious luster!

Unleash your inhibitions and let loose with your very own 17" Black Wolf Stainless Steel Plug!


Color Black
Type Tail Plug

Plug: Stainless steel



Handle: 12.60 in. - 16.54 in.

Plug: 2.76 in.

Width: 1.10 in.

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