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3" Pink Bunny Tail Plug Metal, 3 Sizes

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Have you ever wished that you possessed the amazing sex drive of a rabbit?

Well, there's always something you can do to channel their legendary sexual urges. First of all, you need to stay fit because if you're out of shape, you won't have the stamina to go on and on. By living an active lifestyle, you can indulge in having sex for hours because you understand its necessity with regards to fulfilling your monstrous sexual appetite.

Aside from that, dressing up like a rabbit with the help of our 3" Pink Bunny Tail Metal Plug, 3 Sizes, conditions your mind and signifies your transformation into the ultimate sex machine. Because the butt plug comes in three different sizes, you can choose the one that suits you perfectly. This is very important because wearing it comfortably, allows you to focus entirely on the task at hand. That is, to have sex as if it's your last night on earth.

Before you go on fulfilling your sexual desires, make sure that you apply a generous amount of lubricant so you won't feel any kind of discomfort from all the humping, thrusting, or gyrating you're gonna be doing all night long or all day long!

When your partner sees you wearing nothing but our 3" Pink Bunny Tail Metal Plug, there's no doubt that you'll easily arouse their senses. Take your sweet time teasing them because rushing the whole process will only kill the excitement.

Both of you will know when the right time has come to get on with it because your instincts will take over. When this happens, you'll be fulfilling your sexual fantasies just like bunnies do when they have sex.

So, what are you waiting for? Order our 3" Pink Bunny Tail Metal Plug, 3 Sizes now!


Color Tail: Pink
Butt Plug: Silver
Type Tail Plug
Material Tail: Synthetic Fur
Butt Plug: Stainless Steel
Length Butt Plug
Small -2.8 inches
Medium -3.2 inches
Large -3.8 inches
Width Butt Plug
Small -1.1 inches
Medium -1.4 inches
Large -1.6 inches

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