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TRYFUN LITTLE GRAPE Male Masturbator Cup (Seductive Type)

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TRYFUN LITTLE GRAPE Male Masturbator Cup (Seductive Type)
Sour and sweet,they taste just like first love,The grapes grow from green to ripe.When their flimsy peels are finally unveiled,the grape pulps are found shinning like crystal balls.I want to eat you.Pounding heart at every touch,tender as fresh grapes and young girls' skins.

Exploration the secret garden yearned, Tight and fit entry,Wavy and twisty secret tunnel with fine ribs and dots. With gentle teasing, the deeper, the happier.


- TryFun designers acquire 360-degree multidimensional,techniques of simulating sense of human sucking to design 3-stage internal tunnel's ribs and dots according to their industrial experience for many years which makes this kiss meek and seductive.

Ergonomic design for you to hold in one hand,The product body curve simulates the measurements of girls, and the product size is designed with references to the average palm size of Asian men.

On the basis of the ergonomic design aimed at easy holding,we developed the curve and diameter of the cup body.

The cup has a dainty waist for you to hold in one hand,making it easier to use.Air flow rises and falls like tides, providing real pleasure under your control.

According to aerodynamic principles, the spiral ribs on the outside surface of the interior tunnel, together with the air hole on the top of the cup, create an open airway inside of the cup.

Various levels of pressures and experiences can be controlled by adjusting the timing and force of pressing the air hole with your fingers, thus delivering a rich variety of sensual pleasure.

Food-grade materials guarantee,Made of food-grade TPE material which is above the standard of average products in the market,the product has been certified as food-grade via SGS test of the global certificate institute.


�Product Name: NetEase Yanxuan LITTLE GRAPE Male Masturbator Cup
�Size: diameter 67.5mm: height 162mm
�Product Materials: TPE/PE


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