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Zini JOYNUS Silicone prostate massager

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Zini JOYNUS Silicone prostate massager

Gentle and Mild!
Different levels of soft insertionï¼?br>The full pleasureas the same as JANUS series uniquefull volume.

Why JANUSï¼?/strong>
Created from "Joyful Anus"
Gentle silicone and sturdy inner frame show the two different faces of JANUS.
JANUS represents strong masculine power,for men.


· Materials:Body safe silicone,PC,ABS
· Finish:velvet,glossy
· Color:black
· Size:46mm(W)x46mm(D)x113mm(L)
· Insertion length:83mm
· Maximumdiameter:22mm
. Weight:48g

The Soft stimulation of high quality silicone.
Smoothï¼?gentle and safe contact is essential for the delicate inner skin.ZINI products are designed with focus on safetyï¼?which is our priority.

The insertion part of JANUS is made of silicon and is elastic as it stimulates the contact surface gently.

JANUS might be softer than products based on plastics,However ZINI'score standard value is safety.

Moreover,the JANUS slic one is non-porous,easy to cleanï¼?hygienic and safe to use.

A wellformed contour for more pleasure.
For each kind of userï¼?every JANUS is designed in diferent ways.Choose your suitable type according to your preference or leve.

-The slim-shaped design is suitable for the Novice.
-Curves and shapes are appropriate for the Novice.

-Contour of the shape transmits subtle pleasant feelings through the insertion.
-Ribbed surface makes Intermediate feel fullness of insertion.

-Daring size and curve for the Expert
-Contour and ribbed surface transmit intense pleasure.

Powerful&Quite-High performance motor.
You can feel the strong vibration provided by the high performance quite motor.
Please enjoy various vibration mode with the products.
·Number of pulsation modes ï¼?10

Strong inner frame for energy transmission.
Ergonomically designed strong inner frame transmits the energy effectively.
Inner frame of JANUS is safe and qualified for elasticity and solidity.

Sensual stimulation of continuous wrinkles.
While performing Contraction/Relaxation exercise,series of continuous wrinkles in the lower area of the product will sensually stimulate your Anal canal that and this special product wil enlightenï¼?enhance and expand your pleasure.

Low center of gravity design.
Design of JOY NUS is unparalleled
1.Low center of gravity design for certain and stabletransmission of energy.
2.Efficient y enhances small amount of energy into big amounts of energy.
The design structure of JOY NUS ensures bo the ficiency and safety.
Many specialists have agreed on the splendid achievements of the ZINI design center.

1.Insert the recharging jack of the USB cable to the recharging port of the Product.
2.Upon connec ing to power,the LED lamp on the power button wil flicker to indicate recharging.
3.Upon completion of recharging,the LED lamp on the power button wil remain on.
4.The LED lamp wil be automatically tum ned off during operation of the Product.100% waterproof DC jack
5.Recharging takes about 2 hoursï¼?and the Product can be used for 2 hours after a full charge.
First of al,please make sure the inside of rectum is empy.
Usuallyï¼?rectum is clean unless you feel the urge of defecation.
For the cleaner condtionï¼?please clean the inside of rectum using rectum cleaner as well as taking a shower.

[TIP] basic cleaning method
Use lukewarm water into the rectum usuall two or three times for the cleaner anal injection.Please repeat emissions.
Average 100mlis enough for male adult.
If scrubber is not readyï¼?the syringe type products can be
used as anal tema tive.

Unlike vagina which secrets a vaginal mucusï¼?the inside of the rectum doesnt secrets mucus.
For the longer and safer playï¼?make sure to use water-soluble type of lubricants.
Recommended to use with condoms for hygienic purpose.

1.Please find a comfortable and quiet place for you to concentrate.
2.Please lay to the left or right side and make a position with your knee close to your belly.

3.Please thoroughly apply the lubricant to the anal intro
and the head of the products.
4.Please slowly insert the head part of the products into
the anal.
5.According to the movement of sphincterï¼?when the
third of the head part goes inï¼?it is automatically inserted after the sphincter sucked the head part into the rectum.
As result it directly stimulates the prostate gland,ejaculatory ductsï¼?rectumï¼?anterior wall and perineum.

6.When fully insertedï¼?in order to provide the comfortable ness to your mind and bodyï¼?please relax for 10~ 15 minutes.Please move the anal muscles.That movement will directly touch the erection cause spotï¼?and you wil achieve the pleasure that you havent experienced before.

TIP] If the products are dried outï¼?please refil more
lubricants to the product.
7.After 15 minutesï¼?please repeat the cont racing/releasing move men.Depending on the movement of sphincter,the head will massage the prostate gland to make you feel orgasm.

When you activate the vibration functionï¼?various of
vibration wil add up to your pleasure.

TIP] When difficult to experience the dry orgasm to ejaculateï¼?we recommend to combine using with penis ring.

Hold on second here!
The principle of stimulating prostate through anal systolic/
diastolic motion
①Cooper is lifted to be massaged
②Prostate is oppressed by the head of product and its
③Perineal is also oppressed to be massaged.

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